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7 things every designer should have

Surely every designer or other creative professional wondered what new to buy for his workplace. Or he thought what he lacked for work. In this article, we’ll take a look at the cool things that every designer would love to have. By the way, all of these products are great gift ideas for any occasion for a designer or creative.

1. Bamboo Large Foldable Laptop

Most people sit with laptops at the table and did not even think that such a thing like laptop desk could be purchased. Maybe you don’t always want to work at the table, if you are of the same opinion — this thing is for you! This laptop stand desk is made of natural bamboo and is easy to carry.

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Bamboo Large Foldable Laptop

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Have you ever experienced eye pain after a very productive day when you work at the computer all day? They are overstrained, tired and as a result, even a headache is possible. But there is a salvation from this — glasses that block blue light. I personally tested them and I can say for sure — everyone who works in IT must have them. We must not forget about our health.

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

3. Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

Sometimes I think that I need a tablet for my job. Because it’s just easier to organize your work, write some thoughts, make some notes, create quick wireframes and so on. But it will be much better to have a laptop that can be a tablet on the same time. Lenovo Flex is the best option and that is why: the 360⁰ hinge lets you use your 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop in any mode that works best for you.

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

4. Dachee Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop

Yes, I know, I know it’s a girlish thing. But look at it — this is a laptop bag every designer girl dreams of. It’s so stylish, with this floral pattern. Also, this laptop bag is waterproof, so you can not worry about it when it rains. 🙂

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Dachee Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop

5. Webcam Cover

Many designers, and not only, put some kind of stickers on the web camera, fearing for their privacy. If you are also worried that someone is spying on you, the best solution would be to buy this little thing. This cover allows you to open or close your webcam with one touch.


6. Laptop Cooler

Sometimes we all need to cool down … More precisely, your laptop needs it after another attempt to render something in 3D or open a file with more than 200 mobile screens. When there is overheating, it’s always bad. For such cases, there is this excellent laptop cooler. I personally use the same one and I can say for sure — it really cools the laptop and it becomes more pleasant to design.

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Laptop Cooler

7. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief

Well, the main problem of every designer, illustrator, freelancer is, of course, back pain. We sit for hours at the computer and then face terrible pain. I even go to the gym and train my back, but nevertheless it doesn’t get any easier for me. But as soon as I tried this thing for back pain relief, I was just shocked. You should definitely try it!

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE: Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief

I hope this article was useful for you and you buy something for your work or make a gift to a loved one from IT — a designer, developer or any other.